Skibbereen Charity Adventure Race

2018 SCAR Adventure Race Info

Firstly, thank you to all our sponsors, service providers and volunteers. We would not be in the unique position of being the largest Adventure Race in Ireland where 100% of all your race entry fees are donated to charity.

We hope you enjoy the day and get the feel-good factor you deserve for being part of this unique experience.

Below is all the information you require to ensure a safe and happy event. Please take the time to read it fully. It’s in your interest.

PLEASE NOTE: Course changes have taken place. Previous PDF copy now out of date

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Race Pack Collection : Registration and race pack collection plus bike racking will be from 7:45am-9:45am on Saturday 20th (ONLY) at Castlehaven GAA Grounds.

Route Map: Please click links below to see route maps. While the route will be marked and marshaled, you are responsible for following the correct route and registering at any checkpoints on your course.


Race Number: Your race number must be worn on the front of your race jersey. If you do not wear your race number you will be deemed not to be an official participant.

Bike Sticker: You must place the bike sticker on your bike close to the headstock/handlebars so it is easy to see. You cannot remove your bike from the bike paddock at the end of the race unless your bike sticker and race number match. If you lose either, you will be forced to wait until all bikes are retrieved before we will release your bike. This is for equipment security reasons.

Timing Chip: Each participant will receive a timing chip, which must be worn on your wrist, as you will need to “dib” the timing chip against a control box at each checkpoint. Please note that you must return your chip at the finish line, even if you do not start, or if you pull out of the race. You will be charged a penalty fee of €35 for non-returned chips. If you collect packs on behalf of others you will be responsible for any penalty for non-returned chips.

We will automatically be charged by the timing company for non-returned chips and we have to pass this charge on.

Bike Drop Arrangements

All Courses

Participants will drop their bike to the Bike Transition within the Castlehaven GAA Grounds. Bike drop opens at 7:45am Saturday (ONLY).

Bike racking closes at 9:45am to allow for the incoming Expert Race Runners.

Bag-Drop Arrangements

All participants should keep their bags in their cars. There will be the full use of the club changing rooms including hot showers for participants.

Bags are left in the changing rooms at the participants own risk.


All Courses start and finish in Castlehaven GAA Grounds.

The Expert will have a mass start at 09:00.

The Sport will have a mass start at 10:30.

The Taster will have a mass start at 11:00.

All Expert competitors must be at the Castlehaven Stand at 08:45 for race briefing.

All Sport & Taster competitors must be at the Castlehaven Stand at 10:15 for race briefing.

Race Finish Times from 12:30-15:30


Mandatory Kit

Mandatory Kit List:

It is vital that all Sport and Expert Participants bring the following mandatory kit list with them to the start:

  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Cycle helmet, spare tube, pump
  • Race Number
  • Hat, gloves and waterproof jacket (if weather dictates)
  • Suitable footwear

All mandatory kit will be checked before the race

  • Appropriate food and drink. There will be limited water re-fill points on the course.

You will not be allowed to mount your bike unless you are wearing a helmet


All parking to take place inside the grounds of Castlehaven GAA pitch and only in the designated area. DO NOT park on the road outside the grounds as you will impede the course.


Club toilets will be available from 8:00am

Post Race Event

Participants are invited to stay around at the finish line once you have returned your timing chip when you finish. Refreshments, hot food, post-race massage, and hot showers, will be available free of charge.

After Party and Prize-giving

We will host an after-party and prize-giving directly after the event in the Castlehaven Pavilion, which will be followed by live music & food. All are welcome. Expected prize-giving at 3pm.

Running Sections

The running sections are generally good quality roads, paths, or trails, but a lot of the trails are very wet and soft so expect muddy ankles!

The forest trail has a lot of fallen leaves so will be slippery.

Generally, participants are asked to keep to the left-hand side of the track, except on the main road on the return leg of the run where you will keep to the right within the coned pathway. Note this is an in and out run so you will have participants coming towards you at times. Please give way to inbound (faster) racers.

All runs will finish back at the start point where you will transition to your bike.

Biking Sections

The race takes place on open roads. Markings and marshals are there to help you and to manage traffic safety, but you must take responsibility for your own safety and must obey the rules of the road at all times.

Road surfaces are typically tarmac covered country/back roads and generally will be normal to poor surface, sometimes VERY poor (It’s an Adventure Race not a Tri!). Any markings stating that there is bad surface ahead can be taken literally. Note any descents marked as dangerous must be cycled in single file with no overtaking allowed.

Please rack your bike as tightly as possible and attach your helmet to your bike whilst it is in transition. Bikes will be moved by marshals if not racked properly.

You will be instructed to mount and dismount at certain points and you must obey these instructions. Anyone failing to do so may be disqualified and/or asked to abandon the race by the Race Director.

Sport & Expert : Coomb Hill, known locally as “The Wall”, is a narrow steep climb where many will need to dismount. As instructed by marshals, please walk on left and pass on right only.

You will not be allowed to mount your bike unless you are wearing a helmet. For safety reasons Aero/Tri Handlebars are not permitted.

Puncture resistant tyres are strongly recommended for the Sport and Expert courses.

The end of the bike leg has a 120 degree very sharp bend off the main road back to the club entrance. Please pay extra attention at this turn when instructed.

Kayak Sections

Participants in Expert and Sport will be required to kayak a 1.5 km course on Lough Hyne, on event-organizer-provided sit-on-top double kayaks.

Participants will be provided with a buoyancy aid, which is compulsory to wear at all times on the water.

If you arrive to the kayak area and a kayak is available you must take the next one up. In a case where no kayak is available you will be asked by the Timing Marshal to time out while you await a free kayak. Time outs can only be taken if directed by the Timing Marshal. Kayak course may be shortened (due to weather conditions etc) if deemed necessary by the Race Director before or during the event.

A full safety team will be on the water and you must accept any instructions given to you by this team without dispute.



Participants undertake SCAR Skibbereen Adventure Race at their own risk. The event is covered by public liability insurance but should you require personal insurance you should make your own arrangements.

Please familiarise yourself with the route maps.

Please observe warning signs and any race marshal’s advice.

You are privileged to be allowed to race in several of these iconic facilities normally reserved for casual recreation, so please respect the environment.

Anyone found littering in any section of the course will be immediately disqualified. Feel free to report others littering to our marshals.

Remember every one of the 100+ marshals you meet during the race is giving their time freely to volunteer to make your race better.

Please respect them and give them a small thank you as you pass them.

Without them you wouldn’t be racing!


Thanks for all your support. Have a great race. Enjoy!